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5 Mistakes Related To Fastag Can Empty Your Pockets, Never Make Such Mistakes

Drivers who do not update FASTag by January 31 may face heavy consequences, because even a small mistake related to FASTag can lead to a huge fine. In such a situation, despite having Fastag, you may have to pay a fine. At present, about 98 percent of the toll plazas in the country are in Fastag system and more than 8 crore vehicles have Fastag. All these drivers make the most 5 mistakes related to Fastag, due to which despite having Fastag, they have to pay huge fines. Therefore these mistakes should be avoided…

Avoid making 5 mistakes related to Fastag

1. Many drivers keep Fastag in the dashboard and when they reach the toll plaza, they take it out and keep it outside. Because of this it takes time and the vehicles standing behind have to wait. Their thinking behind not putting Fastag on the windscreen is that perhaps some trick at a toll plaza might come in handy and they can avoid paying toll. Action can be taken against such drivers.
2. Some vehicles have not one but two Fastags. One is old and the other is new. Because of this, the card reader takes time to read the Fastag and many times the toll worker needs to read the card manually. Such people may be fined.
3. Some drivers use one Fastag in two vehicles each. This is a violation of the Reserve Bank’s order. Apart from this, if a Fastag is for a car and the car number is recorded in it and you are going with this Fastag on a commercial vehicle, then the card reader machine at the toll plaza takes the toll of the small vehicle on the basis of this number. The number appears on the toll screen but the toll worker is unable to see it and the vehicle moves ahead. This results in loss of revenue. For committing such a mistake, a fine can be charged from the driver. After January 31, such drivers will be fined.
4. Fastag of an old vehicle should never be used in a new vehicle. Due to this, the database of vehicles may become wrong or another vehicle may cross on toll and another vehicle on Fastag. Action can be taken on this also.
5. Cloning of Fastag has increased rapidly these days. Therefore, buy Fastag from authorized places only. Such Fastags are declared fake in toll plazas and fine has to be paid.


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