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A 14-day vacation, Somy Ali shares her birthday plan

Former Bollywood actress and founder of NGO No More Tears, Somy Ali, is taking a long due break on her birthday, which falls on March 25. She has been working non-stop for the past 17 years and will be going on a 14-day vacation.

Sharing her plans, she said, “After 17 years of working non-stop with people affected by human trafficking, domestic violence, and issues in the LGBTQ community, I’m finally taking a break from No More Tears. It’s sad that even in 2024, there are still people who discriminate against LGBTQ individuals. I’m excited that I’ll be taking off on March 20th. I plan to celebrate my birthday abroad and share my location on Instagram,” adding that taking time off is long overdue.

She further said, “This job is both fulfilling and exhausting. While I’m away, five trained individuals will take over. They have access to all the resources they need, so I can relax and enjoy my vacation. I’ve assured my colleagues that they can contact me in case of emergencies.”

Talking about her NGO, No More Tears, she revealed that they currently have nine girls at their safe house. She said, “One of them is from the LGBTQ community. She’s recovering well after being beaten by her partner. Another girl from Israel has broken her ribs due to domestic violence. Then there’s a young victim of labor trafficking from India, who suffered severe beatings. We’re arranging her return to India. The fourth victim is a woman from Saudi Arabia, who was abused in an arranged marriage; her husband is now arrested. I know there will be more victims by the time I return. I’m taking a 14-day break. This work requires thick skin, but seeing victims thrive makes it worth it. I’m grateful for everything I have.”

Somy and her team at No More Tears have helped over 42,932 victims in 17 years, including men, women, pets, and LGBTQ individuals. “If you’re fortunate, show gratitude. Without our board members, fundraisers, and supporters worldwide, we couldn’t have rescued these victims. Many victims even start their own nonprofits with our help,” she said.

“Every survivor is precious to me, regardless of where they’re from. The ongoing conflicts in Israel, Palestine, India, Pakistan, and Kashmir deeply concern me. I hope for peace. During my two-week vacation, I’ll be available to volunteer. An anonymous donor has generously funded plane tickets for victims, helping them return home. Your support is crucial,” Somy concluded.


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