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Rehaa Khann’s new song ‘Kaveri’ wins hearts on the internet, actress whacks it out of the park in her very first song from her own music company ‘R Series’

Actress Rehaa Khann is a name that truly needs no introduction. The diva has been in the spotlight for all the credible reasons, all thanks to her special victories in several beauty pageants all over the world. She’s the proud title holder of Miss Mermaid Asia International, Top Model Of Asia International, Miss World Super Model Asia, Miss World Mediterráneo Global and many more. She’s proven her acting mettle in various projects, including the famous ‘Inspector Avinash’ alongside the charismatic Randeep Hooda where her work was praised immensely.

Some time back, it was heard that Rehaa is all set to launch her own music company which she has named ‘R-Series. The first song of the platform is ‘Kaveri’ and ever since the buzz was created, Rehaa has been receiving a tremendous amount of love and adulation for all the right reasons. Well, guess what? The love and appreciation simply multiplied big time ever since the song released on 14th June, 2024. Rehaa and Sanam Johar’s sizzling chemistry is truly spinning heads and everything, right from the acting to the story narrative and the picturesque and aesthetic locations that have been selected for the song deserves a round of appreciation and credit. As promised earlier, the song is the perfect journey of melody and emotion that resonates deep within the soul. Check out the song below –

Regarding all the love and appreciation, Rehaa Khann who’s all the way more overwhelmed says and we quote,

“Well, a lot of hard work and effort has gone behind launching my own music platform ‘R-Series’. Kaveri was planned for a long time and we waited for the correct time to execute this and get things going. It’s a special feeling that all the hard work is bearing results and people are resonating and connecting with this romantic track. My chemistry with Sanam has received quite a lot of love and this success and happiness only motivates me to do even better work in my professional life going forward. Thank you so much to everyone who showed love and support.”

Well, truly kudos to Rehaa Khann for packing a punch in her very first song with her own new music platform ‘R-Series’. Here’s wishing her good luck and success for all her upcoming future endeavours and may they be equally amazing and interesting. Stay tuned for more updates.


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