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Bank Holiday in April 2024: RBI’s 14-Day Closure Schedule

The banking sector, a vital component of the financial landscape, plays a pivotal role in everyday transactions. However, in April 2024, banks across various states will be closed for a significant duration, causing potential disruptions to routine activities. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has outlined a comprehensive list of holidays for the month, taking into account regional festivals and observances.

Here’s the breakdown of bank holidays in April 2024:

  • 1st April 2024: National bank closure for annual closing procedures.
  • 5th April 2024: Closure in Telangana, Jammu, and Srinagar for Babu Jagjivan Ram’s birthday and Jumat Jumatul Vida.
  • 7th April 2024: General closure on account of Sunday.
  • 9th April 2024: Closure in select cities for Gudi Padwa/Ugadi Festival/Telugu New Year and first Navratri.
  • 10th April 2024: Closure in Kochi, Kerala, due to Eid.
  • 11th April 2024: National closure for Eid, except for Chandigarh, Gangtok, and Kochi.
  • 13th April 2024: Closure due to second Saturday.
  • 14th April 2024: General closure on account of Sunday.
  • 15th April 2024: Closure in Guwahati and Shimla for Bohag Bihu and Himachal Day.
  • 17th April 2024: Closure in multiple cities for Ram Navami.
  • 20th April 2024: Closure in Agartala due to Garia Puja.
  • 21st April 2024: General closure on account of Sunday.
  • 27th April 2024: Closure due to the fourth Saturday.
  • 28th April 2024: General closure on account of Sunday.

During these bank holidays, customers may encounter challenges in completing essential transactions. However, technological advancements offer alternative solutions. Online banking platforms enable fund transfers and transactions, while ATMs remain operational for cash withdrawals. Embracing digital channels like net banking, mobile banking, and UPI can alleviate inconveniences caused by bank closures.


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