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Bhojpuri Dabangs’ Battle Cry: Hyderabad, Here We Come!

For the upcoming Celebrity Cricket League match, all the players of India Rising’s Bhojpuri Dabangs are sweating it out on the field. With enthusiasm soaring among the players, captains Manoj Tiwari and Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua praised all the players, saying this is our best team yet, determined to clinch the CCL title this time. This is the first time the Celebrity Cricket League is being held outside the country, in Dubai and Sharjah. Teams are thrilled about this. Bhojpuri Dabangs played their first match at the Sharjah International Stadium in Dubai. Speaking after the match, captain Manoj Tiwari expressed that the atmosphere here is fantastic. Our players have balanced the weather, food, and sportsmanship behavior here very well. The administration here is also very positive towards us, and we feel as comfortable as in our own country. We had a great time playing in Dubai. We hardly felt like we were playing on foreign soil.

The next match of India Rising’s Bhojpuri Dabangs is scheduled for March 1st in Hyderabad at 2:30 PM. They will be facing the Chennai Rhinos. In their previous match, Bhojpuri Dabangs fell short by just 8 runs against Telugu Warriors in a tough and close contest. In that match, captain Manoj Tiwari and Aditya Ojha showed outstanding performance. Now, the team has geared up for the next match, with team member Kanishk Sheel stating that our team is filled with enthusiasm, spirit, and a winning attitude. We will give our best performance in the upcoming match and move forward with victories. We were runners-up last year, but this year, we will make up for that and aim for the title.

It is noteworthy that this time, under the captaincy of Manoj Tiwari, Bhojpuri Dabangs are participating in this tournament with new owners, including Kanishk Sheel, Sushil Sharma, Sushil Malik, and Rahul Mishra. Bhojpuri Dabangs are entering this tournament with their entire squad, and the team’s beautiful brand ambassadors, Pakhi Hegde, Aamrapali Dubey, and Dimpal Singh, Shubhi Sharma, Raksha Gupta, Neelam Giri and Mahi Khan are also actively supporting the team for morale boosting. In the previous match at the Sharjah International Stadium in Dubai, brand ambassadors Pakhi Hegde and Aamrapali Dubey, along with Dimpal Singh, were present to boost the team’s morale. Bhojpuri Dabangs are the only team in this CCL with a massive fan following worldwide, and their fans from various countries constantly express their support on social media.

To boost the team’s morale, fans are also using hashtags on Twitter (X), which has left Bhojpuri Dabangs’ captain Manoj Tiwari particularly excited. He says that the support from fans gives us a new kind of energy, and with their support, we will deliver our best performance in all the upcoming matches. Coach Manvinder Bisla has created a positive atmosphere regarding the preparations for the next match. He said that we are fully prepared after the warm-up and won’t let Chennai Rhinos walk over us in the next match. Our team has the potential to give tough competition to all teams, and everyone knows that. We are fully prepared for our next match. This information was provided by Bhojpuri Dabangs’ promoter Sanjay Bhushan Patiala from Dubai.



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