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BJP National Incharge for Women Policies and Research; National Manifesto Committee Member 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Key Statements made by her:

  • Narendra Modi will become the PM for third time in a row. 
  • NDA will cross 400 Lok Sabha seats 
  • BJP will alone get 370 seats 
  • In Telangana we will win all 17 seats 
  • It will be a double engine Sarkar in Telangana with 17 MPs covering the entire state and BJP forming the govt at the centre.
  • Telangana will experience DBT (direct benefit transfer) to the state through these 17 Channels – Members of Parliament
  • The state will be seamlessly aligned with National Growth in infrastructure like Highways, metros, airports hospitals medical colleges, access to soft infrastructure like good governance, insurance and quality of life. All the national schemes will be implemented seamlessly.

We will win all 17 seats because of three reasons.

  1. Modi ki Guarantee – PM Viksit Bharat Vision and development done so far. 
  1. Loksabha Elections follow a different pattern of voting driven by national aspirations. In this context BRS has zero role. The contest is primarily between Congress Vs BJP. In other words Rahul Vs Modi. Local MP aspirants resemble the moon that reflects light from the Sun. Sun being the National Leader. The local MPs aspirants necessarily carry the aura of National Leaders . the 17 aspirants of BJP will reflect the aura of Modi ji. 
  1. We will also win because of RAMA nama mantra.

RA- Ram Mandir – Not only India but the entire world rejoiced Ram Lalla coming home after 500 years.

MA -Mahila – I personally interacted with 3 lakh women in Telangana in last one year 

  1. A survey by YouGuv-Mint-CPR study finds that more than 60 percent urban voters and youth are emotionally and personally connected to Modi ji

FACTS on BJP and Congress 

Local Factors 

  • The 6 guarantees of congress have not been achieved in last 80 days. 
  • The 2 more guarantees announced recently are also bound to fail as has been seen in the failure of Karnataka Congress govt.
  • Congress fortunes are dipping nationally from the fact that their senior leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi lost Rajya Sabha elections from Himachal due to cross voting  
  • Rahul Gandhi’s Nyaya yatra has seen only road blocks starting with West Bengal.
  • Rahul Gandhi not choosing Amethi is quite a telling fact – falling fortunes of Congress.
  • If the local MP aspirants of Congress carry the aura of Rahul Gandhi so what will be the result??? People will definitely go with the winning horses i.e BJP MPs.

“Modi’s performance in the last 10 years will ensure a double engine sarkar in Telangana. When Modi became PM, India was in the 11th position in GDP ranking. Today he brought it to 5th Position. India was called FRAGILE FIVE during UPA’s time, today it is in the TOP FIVE. IMF predicts that India will be among the top 3 very soon as the economies of Japan and Germany have slipped.”


“In 2004, when Congress took the reins of the Country, India’s GDP was just 2.5 times lower than China’s. India enjoyed a trade surplus with China ($1.75 billion dollars)

Congress changed the trade surplus to a deficit of a whopping $38 billion dollars. Congress made sure that India also missed the 3rd Industrial Revolution. All this happened due to bad decisions by their leaders like Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh and Raghuram Rajan. there was High Inflation, Current Account Deficit, PSU NPAs (Non-Performing Assets), Unstable Rupee, and 2013 there was an appeal by the govt to people not to buy the Gold. And there was international pressure to replace India by Indonesia because of India’s poor performance.” Said Karuna. 

People of India will be told this truth. She added How Modi flipped India from Fragile Five to Top Five through 

  1. Bold Reforms, 
  2. Exceptional Development Schemes for all 4 castes- Women, Youth, Poor and Farmers. 
  3. International Goodwill
  4. Shift from Services to Manufacturing
  5. National integration – Integrated the North East

Development Schemes for all four sections of society

Modi believes that there are only 4 castes. There are many good things that happened to these 4 sections of society, just an example in each –

Women – Dramatic change in sex ratio – 930 girls :1000 boys to 1021 girls: 1000 boys; Domestic violence came down due to construction and registration of 4 crore affordable houses in the name of women.

Youth – As far as youth is concerned crores have been skilled in various disciplines. a telling example is National Internship portal has 2 crore people registered.

Poor – for Congress Garibi Hatao was just a slogan, where as Modi has lifted 25 crore people out of poverty.

Farmers – Ravi River water that belongs to India has been neglected by congress for 64 years. River water was going to Pakistan and Modi ji built a dam recently and the water is being diverted to Punjab and Jammu Kashmir. 

I conclude that Modi ji’s vision and aura will ensure all 17 seats of Telangana BJP.

Ms Karuna Gopal Vartakavi can be reached on

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