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Celebrating 22 Years Of ‘Aadi’: 5 Reasons To Watch This NTR Jr Movie

Man of Masses NTR Jr’s power-packed performance and a gripping storyline in the movie ‘Aadi’ completes a glorious 22 years since its release today. Directed by the filmmaker VV Vinayak, the movie featured Man of Masses NTR Jr. in an inspiring role that left the fans in awe. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate 22 years of why you should watch this film on its anniversary.

Power Packed Performance NTR Jr.
Man of Masses NTR Jr was only 19 years old when he delivered an outstanding performance in the movie ‘Aadi.’ He played the role of Aadi Keshava Reddy, a student who continues his family’s legacy in the Rayalaseema region. The actor’s performance as Aadi received high acclaim for his exceptional acting abilities, including his versatility, engaging dialogue delivery, and magnetic charm.

Box office success
Aadi was not only a critical success but also a box office hit, generating a significant amount of revenue and showcasing the immense popularity and appeal of the film. The movie’s success at the box office was a testament to the combined efforts of the talented cast and crew, as well as the engaging storyline that resonated with a wide fan base. The film ran for 50 days with screenings in 121 theatres, and remarkably, it continued to run for 100 days in 96 theatres directly.

Great Music
The film features memorable music and songs that enhance the overall viewing experience. With songs like ‘Pattu Okato’ and ‘Nee Navvula’, the soundtrack of ‘Aadi’ adds an extra dimension to the film.

Killer Action Sequence
The movie also features intense and well-choreographed action sequences that bound viewers to the edge of their seats. NTR Jr.’s action-packed performance adds to the adrenaline rush, making it an entertaining watch for action movie enthusiasts.

Emotional Depth portrayed by NTR Jr
Besides action and entertainment, ‘Aadi’ explores themes of family bonds, sacrifice, and redemption through NTR Jr.’s emotionally nuanced portrayal of his character.


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