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China’s Diplomatic Dilemma: Tensions Rise Over Taiwan’s Congratulatory Message as Philippines Fires Back

To reduce the tension between Pakistan and Iran, China is singing the praises of mediation. China’s Foreign Ministry claimed that only we can reduce the tension between the two countries. China’s uneasiness regarding the tension between Pakistan and Iran is natural. There is only one reason for this – China’s ambitious CPEC project. On the other hand, China did not like the congratulations given by the Philippines President to the newly elected President Lai Ching Teh after his victory in the Taiwan elections. On one hand, China is talking about mediation to reduce tension between countries, while on the other hand, it is not desisting from showing its eyes to its neighboring countries. Annoyed with the Philippines, China has instructed them not to play with fire. It is noteworthy that there is often tension between China and the Philippines over territorial claims on the South China Sea.

China said- don’t play with fire; Philippines gave a befitting reply

The Defense Secretary of the Philippines has expressed objection to China’s stance. He has termed China’s words as low level talk. Also said that he has insulted our President. Philippines Department of National Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodora said in a statement on Wednesday that it is unfortunate that China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has used dirty words against our President. Through a social media post on Monday, Philippines President Marcos congratulated the new President of Taiwan and talked about increasing cooperation between the two countries. China took exception to this and has instructed the Philippines not to play with fire. The Philippines said that this is unfortunate, although we are not very surprised by this. You don’t expect much good things from some countries of the world.


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