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Credit Card vs. Buy Now Pay Later: Which is More Beneficial for Your Shopping Needs?

Every day, enticing sales beckon consumers to e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, often accompanied by tempting offers on credit cards and the option of Buy Now Pay Later. But when it comes to shopping, which option holds more advantages: credit cards or Buy Now Pay Later? Let’s delve into the comparison.

Key Points:

  1. Similarities Between Credit Card and Buy Now Pay Later:
    • Both offer a grace period for payment.
    • They have a set credit limit, exceeding which incurs penalties for late payments.
  2. Specialties of Each:
    • Credit Cards:
      • Earn reward points and cashback on purchases.
      • Typically offer a 30-50 day payment window.
      • Some credit cards provide no-cost EMI options.
    • Buy Now Pay Later:
      • Allows dividing outstanding bills into installments without additional charges.
      • Doesn’t offer reward points or cashback benefits.
  3. Choosing Between the Two:
    • For Online Shopping:
      • Prefer using a credit card due to its added benefits like cashback, reward points, and potential no-cost EMI options.
      • Utilize Buy Now Pay Later only when credit card limits are exhausted or unavailable.

Conclusion: When it comes to making online purchases, weighing the benefits of credit cards against Buy Now Pay Later options is crucial. While both offer convenience and flexibility, credit cards stand out with their reward programs and extended payment windows. However, for those without credit cards or nearing their limit, Buy Now Pay Later can serve as a viable alternative. Make an informed decision based on your financial needs and preferences.


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