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EFKON-STRABAG Collaborates with Matri Sudha to Stage Street Play in Mumbai, Driving Road Safety Awareness

• Renowned Theatre and TV artist, Mina Naik Leads the Street Play
Mumbai, March 27, 2024 – EFKON-STRABAG, India’s foremost leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions, partnered with the NGO Matri Sudha to organise a street play or Nukkad Natak, in Mumbai. The objective was to enlighten the public about the paramount importance of adhering to traffic regulations and prioritizing safety on the roads.
Directed by the esteemed theatre and TV artist Mina Naik, known for her innovative use of puppetry and theatrical methods in tackling crucial social issues affecting children, the Nukkad Natak delivered a compelling message. Through captivating performances, the play emphasized the critical significance of obeying traffic rules to ensure the safety of all individuals on the roads.
The Nukkad Natak was part of a comprehensive Road Safety Awareness program initiated by EFKON-STRABAG, focussed on promoting road safety education and cultivating a culture of responsible behaviour among young learners.

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