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Eye-Q and IMA Organize Glaucoday for World Glaucoma Awareness Week 2024

New Delhi, March 20, 2023: Eye-Q, a prominent hospital eye care chain, collaborated with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to conduct Glaucoday as part of World Glaucoma Awareness Week 2024 on March 10, 2024. The event, held at the Community Centre in Sector 4, Gurugram, witnessed active participation from the community. Dr. Bhalendar Singh, National Gold Medalist in Discus Throw and Brand Ambassador for Glaucoma Week, graced the occasion.

Ajay Sharma, President of IMA and CMD of Eye-Q, along with Dr. Inder Mohan Rastogi, Secretary, led 100 doctors in a walkathon sponsored by Eye-Q. Glaucoday featured various activities aimed at raising awareness about glaucoma, including a Glaucoma Walk, Glaucoma Talks, Glaucoma Jingle, Glaucoma Honors, and sumptuous Glauco Refreshments.

The walkathon, flagged off by Dr. Bhalendar Singh, commenced from the Community Centre, Sector 4, and continued for 3 kilometers. Following the walkathon, informative Glaucoma Talks were conducted by esteemed experts in the field, including Dr. Mainik Bhattacharya, Dr. Manisha Rathi, Dr. Parul Sharma, and Dr. Sahebaan Sethi. Dr. Kapil Middha added a creative touch with a captivating Glaucoma Jingle.

In appreciation of healthcare providers’ dedication, Eye-Q and other eye hospitals offered free Glaucoma screenings for all IMA doctors and their families, redeemable at any of its four eye care centers in Gurugram.

Highlighting the severity of Glaucoma, Dr. Ajay Sharma, Founder and CMD of Eye-Q, stated, “Glaucoma, also known as the ‘silent thief of sight,’ is a group of eye disorders leading to progressive damage to the optic nerve. It ranks as the third leading cause of blindness globally, with around 11.9 million individuals affected in India alone. Early detection remains challenging due to the absence of symptoms in its initial stages.”

Dr. Sharma emphasized, “Meaningful educational campaigns, like the one we are conducting, can raise awareness about glaucoma risk factors, symptoms, and available treatments.” He further announced, “In line with our commitment to eye health, Eye-Q will offer free eye checks to 50,000 individuals and distribute 17,000 spectacles to the underprivileged in the coming months.”

Dr. Inder Mohan Rastogi, General Secretary of IMA Gurgaon, expressed the importance of regular eye screenings and educating the community about glaucoma to safeguard vision and enhance the quality of life for affected individuals.

The Glaucoma Awareness Week will conclude with the Mega Finals of the Dr. Anil Hans Memorial IMA Haryana State Cricket League on March 17 at Terri Oval Ground on Gurgaon-Faridabad road. IMA and Eye-Q extend a warm invitation to all sports-loving individuals and enthusiasts to join this event, combining sportsmanship with glaucoma awareness.


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