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Former US President Donald Trump Secures Resounding Victory in New Hampshire’s GOP Primary, Dealing a Significant Blow to Rival Nikki Haley

Former US President Donald Trump has got a big victory in New Hampshire’s primary (GOP Primary). As a Republican candidate, Trump has gone far ahead of his rival and Indian-origin leader Nikki Haley. This result is being considered a big blow for Republican rival Nikki Haley. According to The Hill report quoting Decision Desk Headquarters, as soon as the counting started in New Hampshire, former US President Donald Trump took a big lead in the initial trends. On this basis, it has been predicted to win the New Hampshire GOP primary.

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American media reports on election results

According to Hill’s report, after counting 26 percent of the total votes, 53.8 percent votes went to Trump’s account. At the same time Haley got only 45.5 percent votes. According to CNN report, after counting of 15 percent votes, Trump got 53.1 percent votes. Trump is also ahead of Nikki Haley with 11 delegates. Haley has only 45.4 percent votes and a lead of eight delegates. In such a situation, now only the formal announcement of Trump’s victory is left.

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Why the GOP primary results are a big shock for Nikki Haley

Apart from these two news, New York Times also told Trump to be ahead with 52.5 percent votes. According to this, Trump has won the primary with a lead of 11 delegates in addition to more than half the votes. Haley got only 46.6 percent votes and six delegates. According to The Hill, Trump’s victory in the Granite State would affect Haley more. This is because he spent most of his time in this state during the election campaign. Popular Governor Chris Sununu also accompanied Haley. However, the results did not go in his favor when the final results came out. Only on one occasion was a close contest seen between Haley and Trump.

Donald Trump has refused to make Nikki Haley his running mate.

Donald Trump had earlier refused to make Nikki Haley the Vice President. Therefore the results of New Hampshire are a big shock for them. Trump had completely rejected the possibility of making Nikki Haley, who has represented America at a top forum like the United Nations, his running mate, i.e. the Republican candidate for the post of Vice President. He had said that Nikki Haley is fine as a senator, but she cannot be considered a possible candidate for the post of Vice President or his running mate. Let us tell you that in the terminology of American elections, the candidate for the post of Vice President is called running mate.


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