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Google’s Big Action: 10 Apps Removed from Play Store Over Service Fee Dispute

Different steps are taken by Google to deal with cyber crime. But this time the matter is different. Google has started removing apps of 10 companies in India. It also has some popular matrimony apps. Actually this matter is about non-payment of service fees. This is the reason why the tech giant has now decided to remove these apps.

Actually, the startups wanted that these charges should not be imposed by Google. It was in view of this that he did not make this payment. This matter had even reached the Supreme Court. Startups wanted to stop in-app payments. But Google has now got the green signal on this. In such a situation, startups will have to pay fees or their apps are being removed. An order has also been given by the Supreme Court regarding this. The court has refused to give any relief to startups on this. dating apps Bharat Matrimony, Christian Matrimony, Muslim Matrimony and Jodii were deleted on Friday. The company’s founder has declared it a dark day for the Indian Internet. The founders of the companies expressed concern over this and said that our apps are being deleted one by one by Google.

The apps are accused of ignoring the policy of Google Play Store. Because of this, strict action is being taken against them. However, till now nothing has been said openly by the companies on this. But this action being taken by Google has made it clear that this will affect the business of the companies. As a result of this, there was a sudden decline in the shares of companies.


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