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How Shubhra Chaddha Built a Crore-Worth Company by Selling Her House

A person often tries every possible way to achieve his goal. While trying the same, Shubhra Chaddha even sold her house. She had so much faith in her business idea and herself that her faith worked and this is the reason why today Shubhra Chaddha is the owner of a company worth crores.

But how did Shubhra Chaddha complete this journey, let’s know.

Shubhra got her graduation degree in commerce from “Mount Carmel College” in Bangalore, after which she did her masters in PR and advertising from “Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan”. After completing her studies, she started working and for the next several years she worked in the corporate sector on a good salary.

Got the business idea from traveling

In the year 2005, Shubhra married Vivek Prabhakar and in 2008 gave birth to a lovely daughter. Shubhra took a break from office for the birth of her daughter, during this break Shubhra got a chance to think about her business idea. Both Shubhra and her husband like to travel to different places and collect special things related to that place.

She noticed that many people who come to India from abroad also like to take some special thing with them, which remains with them as a symbol of India. This is where she got her business idea. This is how Shubhra’s company ‘Chumbak Design’ started. Shubhra’s husband Vivek also joined her in this business.

Made special gifts for foreign tourists

Buying Taj Mahal as a symbol of India had become an old idea, so she designed some gifts in the form of fridge magnets, which also reflected the name of her company. They needed a huge amount of money for this business, it was not possible to start a business with the money from their job, so they sold their house and collected 40 lakh rupees and started this business from their apartment itself. However, in the first six months, this business did not work at all and it was about to be shut down.

But in this difficult time, Shubhra and Vivek did not give up, the result of which was that in the year 2010 they opened their own lifestyle store. Now, along with gifts, readymade clothes, artificial jewellery and home decor items were also available in this store. Today, there are more than 70 stores of ‘Chumbak Design’ in different cities across the country.

In the world of business startups, Shubhra Chaddha is an inspiration for many women today because sitting at home, she thought of a business idea which has become a big business venture today. This shows that if a person wants to do something, then no one can stop him.


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