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Kanchi Singh: Embracing the OTT Wave for Expanded Opportunities in Acting

Renowned for her memorable roles in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” and “Aur Pyar Ho Gaya,” Kanchi Singh is set to make her debut in the OTT realm this year. With palpable enthusiasm for her upcoming project, she underscores how OTT platforms have broadened horizons for actors, offering a plethora of opportunities and choices. Reflecting on the evolution of OTT as a primary entertainment medium, she remarks, “OTT has given actors a chance to do more work. We have more options, more work in the OTT space.”

Elaborating on the distinct nature of OTT productions compared to traditional daily soaps, Kanchi notes the finite nature of OTT shoots, providing a structured script and pace, unlike the relentless grind of daily soap opera schedules. She emphasizes the unique experiences offered by television, OTT, and cinema, acknowledging the transformative impact of OTT, particularly accentuated during the lockdown period.

Taking a hiatus from television to pursue her Bollywood aspirations, Kanchi addresses the pervasive issue of nepotism in the entertainment industry, highlighting its presence across various domains, not confined solely to Bollywood. She asserts, “Nepotism and favoritism exist in all fields, not just Bollywood. On TV, it also exists.” Emphasizing the role of talent and luck alongside the industry dynamics, she stresses her dedication to her craft.

Looking ahead, Kanchi hints at her forthcoming ventures, with talks underway for additional film projects, while two await imminent release, signaling an exciting phase in her career trajectory.


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