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Kiran Khoje on Ranveer Singh as controversy: The ad doesn’t display any sensuality or objectification

The recent ad by Ranveer Singh for a health brand has created quite the stir. Actress Kiran Khoje, who has been part of diverse platforms such as Bollywood film -Hindi Medium, Marathi film – Andya Cha Funda, as well as others, says that, in this ad, TV show set up has been used to raise awareness on a very serious issue. While the platform is not known to talk about sex and men’s performance, the ad breaks such taboos, making it stand apart.

“I believe that the issue raised in this ad is important, and it’s essential to understand not only the background but also the message it conveys. The topic of male performance in bed has long been a social taboo, often leading to blame and lack of acceptance, especially towards women. The ad addresses this issue, shedding light on an important yet often overlooked subject,” she says.

She adds, “Using the backdrop of a TV soap creatively allows the message to reach diverse audiences across different regions, where such issues exist. This choice makes it more relatable to a broader audience, creating a platform for discussion.”

There is nothing cringe-worthy or vulgar in the ad, she says, adding, “It’s noteworthy that the ad doesn’t display any sensuality or objectification, unlike many male product ads that often unnecessarily emphasize female sensuality. The focus is solely on the message, which is a positive aspect.”

She adds, “Moreover, the ad does not suggest upgrading any content or platform but rather aims to bring attention to a serious and often stigmatized topic. It highlights the struggles faced by women in dealing with such issues within families and society. Ranveer Singh’s involvement adds credibility to the message, as he is known for taking risks in his performances and breaking stereotypes. Once again his portrayal as an actor aligns well with the notion that breaking a stereotype as a hero and doing ground-level awareness work is also important.”


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