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Mrunal Jain on Women’s Day: The women in our lives play such important roles

Actor Mrunal Jain says that it is very important to honour the women properly in our lives. He adds that he makes sure the women in his family feel treasures.

“The women in our lives play such important roles . They have positively impacted my path and deserve time, specially set aside, in my opinion. My mother and my wife Sweetie hold a particular place in my heart. I want to make sure they know how much I admire and appreciate them for how wonderful individuals they are, whether it’s through a sincere message, quality time spent together, or surprising them with something they enjoy,” he says.

He adds, “In my view, sincere affection, understanding, and encouragement are the the paths to a woman’s heart. Paying attention to her and honouring her goals. Tiny acts of compassion and kindness may make a big difference. They frequently have more emotional intelligence than we do, which gives them a distinct viewpoint on circumstances. They are also highly adaptable and skilled at multitasking.”

Meanwhile, he says that a lot needs to be done about women empowerment. “It is vital to have a discussion about women’s equality and power. But the road to real equality is still long ahead. Although as an actor, I would say the entertainment industry is working towards building an inclusive culture, there is still more to be done. We must never stop advancing and supporting the voices of women,” he says.


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