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“Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye”: A Spiritual Anthem Unveiled by Anuradha Paudwal

  • Media Max Entertainment, Anuradha Paudwal, DJ Sheizwood aka Ashish Chandra Unveil a Spiritual Anthem “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye” in Commemoration of Ram Temple’s Pran Pratishtha Ceremony

Post the massive success of Shankar Mere Pyaar with Anuradha Paudwal, DJ Sheizwood aka Ashish Chandra gears up for his 2001th song “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye” with the iconic singer again

Watch the song here-

Media Max Entertainment proudly announces the launch of “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye” a soul-stirring spiritual song dedicated to the auspicious Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the new idol of Ram Lalla at the sanctum sanctorum of the upcoming Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Featuring the melodic prowess of renowned artists Anuradha Paudwal, DJ Sheizwood, and Vishal Shrivastav, this musical tribute is set to elevate the spiritual experience of devotees and commemorate the divine event.

Produced by the dynamic duo Avi Pandey & Sagar Arora, and penned by the talented Mukesh Raj, “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye” promises to be a transcendent blend of devotion and musical excellence. The harmonious composition by DJ Sheizwood adds a captivating dimension to the celebration.

Directed by the visionary Keshwanand Bhatt, the music video unfolds with grace, capturing the essence of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony and the divine energy that surrounds the Ram Temple.

Avi Pandey and Sagar Arora say ” This spiritual anthem is more than music; it’s a heartfelt tribute, a melodic prayer celebrating the divine presence in the monumental Pran Pratishtha ceremony. Through harmonies and devotion, we aspire to weave a timeless connection to the sacred moment at the heart of Ayodhya”

Anuradha Paudwal shares, “Singing ‘Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye’ has been a soulful experience, resonating with the spiritual essence of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony. The melody carries the collective emotions of devotion, and I am honoured to be a part of this divine tribute to Ram Lalla”

DJ Sheizwood reflects on “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye “Creating the music and singing for this spiritual anthem has been a profound journey. The synergy of melodies and devotion in the song mirrors the sanctity of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony. It’s an honour to contribute to a composition that transcends music, connecting hearts to the divine aura of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya.”

Vishal Shrivastav shares his thoughts on “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye ” Being a part of this spiritual melody is an enriching experience. The song is not just a composition; it’s a deep expression of reverence for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony. May the divine essence of Ram Lalla resonate through every note, uniting hearts in devotion.”

Mukesh Raj reflects on the creation of “Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye “Writing this song has been a heartfelt endeavour, aiming to capture the sacredness of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony. Each lyric is woven with devotion, a poetic offering to the divine presence of Ram Lalla. May it inspire a spiritual connection and resonate with the souls of those who listen”

Keshwanand Bhatt, the director, expresses ” Directing ‘Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye‘ has been a spiritual odyssey. The visuals aim to mirror the profound essence of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony, creating a cinematic tapestry that echoes the divine aura of the upcoming Ram Temple. It’s a privilege to contribute artistically to this monumental moment in history”


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