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Serving Success: Mumbai Restaurants Ride the Digital Wave with Online Aggregators

India’s vibrant restaurant industry, valued at a staggering 75,000 crores, has been sizzling with a wave of digitization transforming its landscape. With a robust annual growth rate of 7%, catering to over 1.5 billion customers, the industry has seen revolutionary changes in reaching consumers. Over the last decade, online food aggregators have emerged as an unmissable channel for restaurants, which serve as pivotal bridges connecting consumers with a myriad of culinary offerings while empowering restaurants to navigate the digital realm. Industry reports suggest that these platforms contribute as much as 30% of revenue for restaurants.

Mumbai has always been known for its lively food culture, whether it’s the roadside vada pav stalls, traditional Udupi restaurants, or the upscale fine-dining establishments that cater to the discerning palates of Mumbaikars. This bustling metropolis, renowned for its diverse culinary landscape, is home to hundreds and thousands of restaurants that are increasingly leveraging food delivery platforms to reach their customers.

One such success story is that of Dabba Garam. Known for its comforting, home-cooked food, Dabba Garam began its journey in 2017 with a single outlet in Thane. Founded by Pawan Singh Tomar, Vishal Munot, Vivek Yadav, and Gourav Agrawal, Dabba Garam aimed to address the challenge of unavailability of fresh, homelike food for those seeking familiar flavors. Their commitment to quality and customer experience led to rapid expansion, with new stores opening regularly. Furthering their reach, Dabba Garam partnered with Swiggy back in 2017, a collaboration that has been instrumental in their success. Swiggy’s support has not only helped Dabba Garam reach a wider audience but has also enhanced the overall customer experience. Today, an impressive 45% of Dabba Garam’s sales are facilitated through Swiggy, highlighting the value of this partnership in their culinary journey.

Last year, Swiggy sold 212 biryanis per minute. A forever national favourite, Mumbai is dotted with thousands of Biryani restaurants. Yet, House of Biryani, founded in Dec 2022 by chefs Mikhail and Mohammed, has made a mark for itself. But things weren’t easy for this budding one-year old chain that was struggling to ensure the same level of customer experience as they expanded their footprint in the city.   To overcome this, they partnered with Swiggy. Swiggy’s support not only helped them reach a wider audience but also ensured that their premium flavors were delivered to their customers’ doorsteps with the same freshness and taste they would expect in the restaurant.

Today, the company’s operations have grown, now encompassing five operational distribution points with two more in the pipeline. They have adopted a delivery-focused approach and cloud kitchen model for their outlets, aligning with the wave of digitisation and serving more than 1000 customers daily.

The success stories of Dabba Garam and House of Biryani highlight the transformative impact of online food aggregators in empowering restaurants to thrive in a competitive and digitally driven landscape.



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