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Shiv Thakare’s dancing tribute to Lord Ram as India prepares for his grand Ayodhya welcome

The whole of India is desperately waiting for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya to be inaugurated. No wonder our favourite and reality star Shiv Thakare also can hide his excitement for the big day.

For Ram Mandir inauguration day, many people in India are decorating their homes they do for festivals. Some people are going to perform Pooja and some lucky Indians are going personally to Ayodhya to witness this historical event. But Shiv Thakare had his own way to show love and gratitude towards Lord Ram.

Revealing about it Shiv Thakare said,” There was a time during Ramayan kaal when whole country was celebrating as their beloved God and the king of Ayodhya Ram was coming back home after winning war against Ravan and completing his Vanvas (Jungle Stay). Now, again we have got a chance to welcome Lord Ram to his home by inaugurating his temple. I was also excited with this feeling itself and luckily I got that particular kind of song where I can express all that was going on inside me.”

“Like many others I also wanted to witness Ram Mandir inauguration with my eyes being physically there, but even if I can’t do that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel that. Maine apne dance se apna pyaar bhagwan tak pahuchane ki koshish ki haai (I tried to express my love with my dance to god),” Shiv Thakare added.

It says when you feel something from the bottom of your heart and you are true to your feelings, it reaches to others as well. The same thing happened with Shiv Thakare when he finished his performance.

“When I was dancing I was completely in a trance and got lost in my love and devotion towards Lord Ram, but when judges gave me comments on my act, I felt really blessed that I could take them with me on that particular devotional journey. Farah ma’am, Arshad sir and Malaika ma’am said that my performance gave them goose bumps and that I performed with my whole heart – bhakti se maine performe kiya (performed with full devotion),” Shiv Thakare concluded.


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