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Shri Konda Visheweshwar Reddy launches Vish TV, to communicate directly with the constituents & explore solutions for their problems!

Hyderabad 8th March 2024: “Vish TV”, a live interactive channel was launched today by Chevella BJP MP candidate Shri Konda Visheweshwar Reddy. Vish TV will serve as a direct line of communication between Mr. Reddy and the people, offering insights into his vision and initiatives for the community.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Konda Visheweshwar Reddy said, “Chevella is a huge constituency. Meeting every voter physically or spending enough time with them for a detailed conversation about ideas or issues may not practical. Through Vish TV, I intend to communicate directly with the constituents, sharing my ideas, discussing solutions for problems that I am aware of, learn about other problems, and explore for solutions. I may not have a ready solution for every problem. Through Vish TV, I wish to discover solutions through communal dialog.

The live address by Shri Visheweshwar Reddy and his interaction with people will be telecast between 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM, every day. During this time, people can watch the live stream on Vish TV Live on Mr. Reddy’s YouTube channel. They can send their questions and messages on a dedicated WhatsApp number. People can also join Mr. Reddy via a video call during this program titled “Mata Muchata”.

Besides “Mata Muchata”, Vish TV will feature deep dive analysis of various topics by Mr. Reddy, discussion of problems faced by various communities including farmers, salaried middle-class, poor, women, youth, businesspeople and more from Chevella. It will also feature vox-pop style interviews of citizens of Chevella showing the mood of the people. One can expect to see the evolution of Mr. Reddy’s manifesto for Chevella Lok Sabha constituency by tuning into the channel.

Through Vish TV, Mr. Reddy intends to take BJP’s message of “Modi Guarantee” to every single household in the Chevella constituency along with his own vision and Chevella manifesto.

I enjoy interacting with you and together finding solutions to problems and that is my greatest joy of being in politics,” says Mr. Reddy.


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