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Sita Soren’s Warning After Joining BJP: “Revealing the Truth…”

Following her entry into the BJP, Sita Soren, the prominent daughter-in-law of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leader Shibu Soren, launched a scathing attack on the JMM indirectly through a post on social media on Wednesday.

She wrote that she urges those shedding crocodile tears and paying homage to the late Durga Soren, who sacrificed his life for Jharkhand, not to point fingers at her.

Sita Soren wrote that if she and her children were to reveal the terrifying truth, many political and power aspirations would shatter. “God knows how I raised my daughters in this era,” she added.

She wrote that since the demise of her husband, the late Durga Soren, the family’s life has changed dramatically, akin to a nightmare. They have not only been neglected but also socially and politically marginalized. “God knows how I raised my daughters in this era.”

“We were left in such a void that finding a way out seemed impossible for us. There is no political reason behind resigning from JMM,” she asserted.

Sita Soren claims that this is a voice against the pain, neglect, and injustice suffered by her and her daughters, a voice that her husband, the late Durga Soren, nurtured with his blood and sweat for Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. However, the party has now deviated from its values and duties.


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