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Swarnim Neema-Football is my passion

Swarnim Neema, who is currently seen as Kartikeya in “Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav”, expressed his love for the sport of football. He says he would love to play for the Indian National Football Team.

“I play football, which is my favourite sport. It is a game in which we have to use every percent of our energy, strength, power, and mind,” he said, adding that if not an actor, he would have wanted to become a footballer. “I want to play for team India, and it’s my dream that I become a footballer, and football is my passion,” he further said.

Swarnim is a student in seventh grade and is currently preparing for his final examination. Asked how he manages his studies with shoots, he said, “I don’t get enough time for my studies, but whenever I get time, I try to complete my work, and my school, especially my principal ma’am helps me a lot. Basically I’m from Indore, so I get work and notes from my friends.”

But he enjoys acting and the process involved with it. “In acting, I love to say dialogues and to experience many different types of emotions, expression variations, and many more,” he ended.


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