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These 7 things can cause poor sleep, know about them

You must have noticed that on days when we do not get enough sleep, our body is not active. This is because sleep is necessary for a healthy body. This helps the body to remain active and energetic. But many times it happens that despite being tired, we cannot sleep. The reason for this is some lifestyle related mistakes, which start causing poor sleep. Let us know about them through this article.

These things can cause poor sleep – Things That Can Spoil Your Sleep

Consume Heavy Food

If you eat food just before sleeping, it can spoil your sleep. After eating, our body becomes active, due to which we get delayed sleep. Therefore, the last meal of the day should be done 3 hours before sleeping.

Consume Water Before Bedtime

If you drink water before sleeping, you may need to go to urinate frequently. Due to this you have to get up again and again and sleep is disturbed.

Consuming Caffeine- Consume Caffeine Before Bedtime

Caffeine helps in keeping the brain active. If you take caffeine shortly before sleeping, it can spoil your sleep. Therefore, you should take caffeine about 4 to 5 hours before sleeping.

Room Temperature not being right

If the temperature of your room is too hot or too cold, this can also cause trouble in sleeping. Therefore, the room temperature should be slightly cool while sleeping. This helps both body and brain to relax.

Over Screen Time

If you keep using mobile or screen for a long time before sleeping, it will keep your mind active. The blue rays of the mobile affect the brain, due to which you do not get restful sleep.


Some people have the habit of overthinking while sleeping. But this can affect sleep. Due to this, the mind does not get rest and it keeps thinking even while sleeping. That’s why sometimes we feel tired despite getting enough sleep.

Exercise Before Bedtime

Some people have the habit of working out before sleeping. But due to this the muscles become active and the body also does not remain in relaxed mode. Due to this, sleep may be disturbed repeatedly at night. Therefore, one should not workout before sleeping at night. Instead, you can take a walk after eating.

To keep your sleep pattern healthy, it is important for you to control these things. If you liked the information given in the article, then do not forget to share it.


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