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Daler Mehndi’s Resonant Voice Echoes in ‘Hindutva’ on Mask TV OTT

Be it Bollywood or Punjabi films, the songs sung by singer Daler Mehndi gain extraordinary popularity in the music world. Due to the popularity of these songs, many films have become successful. Now the film “Hindutva” is going to be released soon on Mask TV OTT platform.

The trailer of this film was released recently and received a good response. Songs have also been recorded in the voice of Daler Mehndi for this film. It is expected that this film will also get a lot of love from the audience.

The film “Hindutva” has been made keeping in mind the condition of Hindus in India at present. An attempt has also been made in this film to tell that if we do not fight for our rights in this country, our rights will be lost. If it is not demanded in the country, then there is no other country in the world which can stand for the Hindus. Even if we ever come to the verge of being displaced from this country, there is no other country in this world that can give us shelter.

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In fact, only message-oriented films have always been webcast on Mask TV OTT. Even if you look at its history, you will clearly see that it was declared LBW during the Cricket World Cup, which got a good viewership despite the Cricket World Cup. Earlier, films based on transgender, terrorism, social stories and web series have also been released on Mask TV, which received good response from the audience.

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Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi Bhatt are the producers of the film “Hindutva”, made under the banner of Tag Productions and Lord Shiva Communication. Mansi Bhatt is the channel producer of this Mask TV OTT. Karan Razdan is the writer and director of this Hindutva.

In the film, the songs written by Shweta Raj have been composed by Ravi Shankar, whose voices have been given by Daler Mehndi, Anoop Jalota, Madhushree, Divya Kumar, and Master Salim. The artists of this Hindutva are Ashish Sharma, Sonarika Bhadauria, Anup Jalota, Deepika Chikhalia, Govind Namdev etc. The campaigner is Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.


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