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FMD Music Channel: The Epicenter of Superhit Songs with Millions of Views!

For any music channel to become a hit, it is necessary to have some hit songs on it, and even when it is a new channel and it does not get views in the beginning, then its path definitely becomes bit difficult. But once the momentum is gained, no channel looks back. And something similar has happened with FMD music channel.

This channel was started only a year ago and today this channel has started gaining fame and has reached One Lakh Subscribers in a short period.Currently there are a total of 50 plus videos on this channel and FMD has other Regional Channels like Bengali, South, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri & Bhakti which has many more videos, the viewership of these channels has reached crores.

Ramesh Bhandari

Many songs have even garnered millions of views. Some of the songs are Saathiya, Nachle Nachle, Cute and Lapata. These songs have garnered millions of views, and their quality is such that whoever listens to these songs once definitely comes to these channels again & again.Saathiya is one of the biggest hit songs of this channel which has been sung by internationally famous singers Samrat Sarkar and Nimmi Priya, Nimmi Priya is the same singer who received South India’s famous Idea Singer of the Year award. from None other than the Famous Usha Uthup .

E Desh Amar Jonmbhoomi is sung by renowned Shri Usha Uthup & Rupankar Bagchi and has won many Awards Along with this, the second hit song is Lapata which is a party song sung on New Year. This song also made a lot of headlines and was heard extensively on the occasion of New Year. Similarly, many other songs are also on this channel, after watching/listening people become fond of this channel.

Apart from the Music FMD is also into Productions doing Short Films, Films & Music Content. One of our short Film “ Hide & Seek” has won more than 10 plus International Awards and is a Nominee at the Cannes World Film Festival.

FMD along with Visica films this year has ventured into Films PR & Distrubution, we are doing our first film Jugalbandi(Kannada) film in March this year and we will be doing “ Love you Shankar” in April for South and other Regions. This year we will be doing continuous releases atleast One each month.

Today FMD is launching 3 Songs of which Roadways, a Haryanvi Song is a really peppy number and is sure to gain Millions of Views in a short time. The 2nd Song is Bikhar Jaun by Raj Veer is another number which is released for this Valentine’s Day and is a Romantic Love Song.

Third Song Mainu Chaddke is a another Romantic number in which Actress Apurva is starring. Overall this year FMD is going to rock whether it is Music Label or Films Production & Distributions. Watch out for our upcoming releases and subscribe to our Channels.


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