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Navigating Inflation: The Imperative of Health Insurance for Financial Security

Continuous increase in inflation is being seen in the country. Its effect is visible in every sector. This is affecting the pockets of the sick people the most. This is why it is important for everyone to have a health insurance cover, which not only helps with your emergency money and life-long savings. It also helps you deal with rising treatment costs if you have a medical emergency.

A health insurance policy should be a part of your financial planning and should be taken out early when you are young and responsible for staying safe. Investing in a health insurance plan at an early age also offers many other benefits like better insurance coverage, lower premium rates, no medical tests, etc.

There are two ways in which the insurance company covers your medical expenses,

Cashless treatment- Here, the policyholder does not have to pay anything to the network hospital. Since the insurance company pays the hospital directly

Compensation- Here, the policyholder has to first settle his medical expenses and later seek compensation from the insurance company.

If you take a health insurance policy, you can get these benefits,

This lets you get better medical treatment without worrying about high medical costs.
Provides special coverage for critical illnesses.
Covers road emergency ambulance costs.
Offers affordable premiums for the youth.
Offers cashless claim benefits, allowing you to take care of your health instead of worrying about huge medical bills.
Keep your savings safe during medical emergencies.
Provides tax benefits under section 80D.
Ultimately, it protects you and your family and protects your savings.


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