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From Job to Entrepreneurship: Ahana Gautam’s Journey to Founding Open Secret, a Rs 100 Crore Company at 30

Most of the people dream of getting a good job after completing their studies, whereas if you have studied from IIT or any such top business school then a package worth crores is expected. But even in such a situation, many people choose the path of starting their own startup.

The person we are talking about today also studied in IIT and then from a good business school, after that he left a job with a good package and started his own startup and today his startup is worth crores.

Today know the story of Ahana Gautam, founder of Open Secret, who left her job in USA and created a company worth Rs 100 crore at the age of 30.

Who is Ahana Gautam?

30 year old Ahana is a resident of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. He obtained his B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2010.

After this, she went to America for further studies and there she took admission in Harvard Business School and completed her MBA. During his graduation and post graduation he worked at many places. The names of General Mills and Fox Star Studios are included in this list.

This is how the idea for a new business came about

When Ahana was in America, her weight had increased a lot. During this time, she went to a healthy food store in America, where she understood the need for healthy food. At the same time he decided to do the business of healthy snacks. After this she returned back to India and started working for her new business.

This is how Open Secret startup started

Now he needed investment to start his business, then his mother helped him. After this, Ahana started her startup named Open Secret in March 2019. Ahana had worked in the FMCG sector, so she knew about refined sugar, flour etc. Ahana decided that the product made by her would neither contain flour, nor palm oil nor any preservatives.


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