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Global advertising giant Hakuhodo to revolutionize Indian entertainment with Trigger Happy Studios

Following the landmark acquisition of MATH, India’s premier entertainment marketing agency, which marked a significant stride in its Asian market expansion strategy, Hakuhodo, the esteemed global advertising powerhouse, unveils the inauguration of Trigger Happy Studios. This venture marks the establishment of a comprehensive Content Production studio spanning films, digital media, and various other mediums. With a steadily strengthening presence in the Indian entertainment sector since January 2023, this move underscores Hakuhodo’s steadfast dedication to leveraging its global prowess in the Indian market. Armed with an extensive portfolio of live action and anime intellectual properties, a worldwide distribution network, and entertainment agencies spanning the globe, Trigger Happy Studios aims to forge collaborations with creative partners across diverse linguistic and regional landscapes in India, thus further amplifying its network.

Trigger Happy Studios is primed to spearhead the production, promotion, and distribution of feature films, digital content, and international co-productions across a multitude of platforms and global markets. As it strides forward, Trigger Happy Studios heralds a new era of storytelling in India, amalgamating Hakuhodo’s global strengths with its profound expertise in the Entertainment Network. Committed to delivering captivating narratives, the studio endeavors to transcend barriers and captivate audiences, enriching lives through its innovative creative vision.

Amit Chandrra, CEO of Trigger Happy Studios, expressed the studio’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and creativity, stating, “At Trigger Happy Studios, we are deeply committed to fostering authenticity and creativity in storytelling. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where storytellers thrive, propelled by genuine human experiences and a sincere dedication to creativity. Teaming up with Hakuhodo, we are focused on crafting narratives that not only enthrall but also deeply resonate with audiences, enriching lives and igniting imaginations.”

In resonance with Chandrra’s sentiments, Kosuke Kataoka, Managing Director of Hakuhodo India & Director of Trigger Happy Studios, underscored the strategic significance of Trigger Happy Studios, stating, “With Trigger Happy Studios, our vision is to deliver compelling content to diverse audiences. We are thrilled to harness our strengths to explore new frontiers in content creation, particularly within the realm of Indian cinema. Together, we aspire to captivate audiences with innovative storytelling and unforgettable experiences.”

Jigyasa Sharma, Studio Head of Trigger Happy Studios, added, “At Trigger Happy Studios, our passion for storytelling knows no bounds. Driven by a collective purpose to craft narratives that deeply resonate with audiences worldwide, we are propelled by creativity to push the boundaries of storytelling, leaving an enduring mark on the hearts and minds of our viewers. We eagerly anticipate creating stories that inspire and captivate.”

As Trigger Happy Studios invites audiences to embark on a journey that promises to redefine storytelling for a new generation, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

About Hakuhodo:

Established in 1895, Hakuhodo is an integrated marketing solutions company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With a presence in 20 countries and regions, and a workforce exceeding 10,000 specialists operating in Japan and worldwide, Hakuhodo ranks as the world’s 8th largest advertising agency according to Ad Age’s “Agency Report 2023.” Grounded in sei-katsu-sha insight, Hakuhodo’s approach emphasizes a holistic, 360-degree perspective on consumers’ lives, recognizing them as more than mere shoppers, but as individuals with distinct lifestyles. Renowned for its creativity, Hakuhodo has clinched the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity twice and was honored as the Network of the Year at ADFEST 2021, showcasing its prowess in driving innovation and delivering value to both consumers and society.


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