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I think the worst kind of cruelty is towards animals: Nivedita Basu

Nivedita Basu, Senior VP at Atrangii Group, is devastated to see the increasing hate and crime towards animals. She spoke about her disappointment over the pet clinic video where a dog was beaten black and blue by a staff member. She said, “I think the worst kind of cruelty is towards animals. They are living beings that can’t speak.”

She shared that since she saw the video, her feed has been exposed to more such inhumane videos, and added, “In fact, I saw another video of a guy who killed a dog with an electric wire. I believe these people need to be punished as if they were harming a human being. Only then will they understand the severity of their actions.”

She believes that those who mistreat animals severely may have some mental issues. “No normal human being, in a sane state, would do anything to an animal. I mean, animals are compassionate, loving, and understanding, and even the most dangerous animal has a soft side,” she said.

“When we go to the zoo, we see animals behind closed doors. I think they are very harmless until disturbed and angered. Most of the time, animals may exhibit aggression towards humans due to mistreatment. This emphasizes the importance of humans treating them well. The severity of punishment for those who harm animals will determine how humans treat them in the future,” she added.

Nivedita feels that the increase in crime against animals is because there is no severe punishment against people committing them. “Our upbringing, lifestyle, and frustrations are factors contributing to such behavior. I often hear disturbing things about humans and animals that shock me. I strongly believe that if someone has extreme thoughts about animals, they should seek professional help, just as they would for marriage, family issues, or other concerns,” she said, adding that she hopes in the near future, she won’t witness innocent animals, unable to speak or express themselves, being subjected to torture by humans.

She further shared that her parents had 19 dogs, and they cared a lot about the animals. She added, “Many pet parents and families in Bombay also prioritize their pets over holidays or other activities. While I have always seen humans being compassionate towards animals, cases like these make me cringe, and I wonder who these disturbed people are. Are they frustrated with their lives, marriages, or jobs? It’s crucial to address such extreme actions and discuss them openly.”


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