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Spiritual leader Ayush Gupta recounts his journey as a spiritual leader

Spiritual leader Ayush Gupta, who excels in Reiki, numerology and tarot card reading, says that while he was always a spiritual being, it was the victory over his mother’s throat cancer that made him have faith in the power of healing. Recounting his spiritual journey, Ayush says that things were just destined to pan out this way.

“I belong to a town in Madhya Pradesh called Barhi. I did my schooling till 8th grade, over there. At the age of seven or eight years, I started meditation. My dad is a religious and a spiritual person, and so he guided me to sit in a meditation posture and just focus on my breathing during puja or bhajan sandhya. I started meditation and connecting with my energies. I started feeling more connected with my inner self, and I was more relaxed and calm. That’s how the process started,” he says.

He adds, “As for Reiki, I started Reiki at the age of twelve, with no major intentions of doing it professionally. But again, as I say, key things happen for a reason. I had heard a lot of things about Reiki, that Reiki can do a lot of big miracles, and solve major problems. I came to know about these concepts through my grandmaster, Mr Devank Shukla. Here again, my father played a very prominent role. He introduced me to my grandmaster and then I learned two levels of reiki. I started healing myself. My grandmaster gave me some practice. I started doing that after three to four months of getting attuned. At that time, my mother was diagnosed with throat cancer. Our whole family was stressed. We realised that Reiki can do miracles. We tried to channelize my mother’s energies as well. Being a kid of twelve or 13 years, I started doing reiki sessions, and I used to keep my hands on her throat, because, of course, through hands, we do the healing. I used to keep my hand on her throat, and I used to sleep. That way she would get six to seven hours of healing every day. So, we did this same process for three to four months. And the same doctors from AIIMS Hospital, Nagpur, who were saying that she was diagnosed with throat cancer and was almost going to reach the second stage of cancer, told us that she got healed!”

He has got many accolades for Reiki as well. “Of course, in the journey of Reiki, I have got a lot of achievements as well. Mr. Amitabh Bachchanji gave me the world’s youngest Reiki Healers award, which, again, encouraged me a lot and gave me a sense that I was on the right path,” he says.

Talking about tarot and numerology, he says, “I came in contact with a lot of people saying that they should learn Tarot, or they started giving me a lot of suggestions. I learned Tarot after experiencing it, because the experience was good. Of course, it guided me in a lot of ways, so I thought I should really learn. I did tarot for my family and friends, and started doing it professionally as well. The same was true with numerology too. Numerology also added up because numbers are something that must be aligned in everyone’s lives.”


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