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Yuva Badminton League: ‘It’s time to bring badminton out of the streets, and into national courts’, says Net Ninjas team owner Geetanjali Mishra

Actress Geetanjali Mishra, who is the owner of the team Net Ninjas in the upcoming Yuva Badminton League, says that the tournament is sure to give the game a boost. She adds that she has taken her role as a team owner very seriously and will do the best for her team.

“I think the role of a team owner is to make sure the team has everything to play the game well, and possibly, win the league. The role as a team owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, for example, if I am a player, I just have to focus on my game to do better but when I own a team, that consists of 7 to 10 players, then I have to ensure that they get proper infrastructure to practice and compete in the league against other teams. As far as the future of badminton is concerned, I am sure that the initiative of Yuva badminton league will give a boost to this sports also,” she says.

She adds, “Badminton is a game which everyone must have played as a kid or as a teenager. That’s why we have given a hashtag as #GharGharKaGame. It’s unfortunate that badminton has never got that recognition. Now, the only thing it needs is a boost so that people get more inclined towards it on a bigger level, and not just as a game that is played on streets or in colonies. It’s time to bring badminton out of the streets, and into national courts.”

She also says that it’s important to have such tournaments so that the younger generation learns to play sports. “It is really unfortunate that we’re in an era of digitalisation. Everything from religious processions to office meetings, and classes are done online now. I really appreciate these kinds of initiatives or sports leagues which will promote the young generation to come out of the house, leaving their phone and computer behind; and compete,” she says.

While she is supporting badminton in her own way, she hopes for more films and shows on other games as well so that people get interested to play. “Why just films, even OTT series and TV shows should be made focusing on games. I feel like whichever films have been on sports have done wonders for that game, and we must only come out with bigger, better content that promotes sports,” she says.

Yuva Badminton league was started by Pawan Jangid, who is the founder, Capt. Vineet Chaturvedi, CEO and Co-Founder, Capt. Pawan Gupta – Chief Commercial officer. Yuva Badminton League has a vision of making the game accessible to every household in India.


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