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Meet Swarnim Neema who is seen as Kartikeya in Swastik Productions’s Shiv Shakti-tap Tyag Tandav

Swarnim Neema, who is currently seen as Kartikeya in “Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav” produced by Swastik Productions, says his mother has been his pillar of strength and he calls her his mentor too.

“In my everyday life, my mother holds the role of my mentor, guiding and supporting me in every aspect. She is not only the reason for my presence here but also a highly talented individual with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in this field. While everyone on the serial set plays a mentoring role in my life, I particularly acknowledge JP sir for his significant contributions. He has been instrumental in refining my acting skills, dialogue delivery, and overall behavior. My mom remains a continuous source of inspiration for me. Worknig with Swastik Productions has been fantastic,” he said.

Speaking more on the support that he received from his parents, he shared, “I am fortunate to receive unwavering support from both my parents and my sibling. They are always ready to assist in any way, demonstrating a strong foundation of support in my endeavors.”

“Although I live away from my home and family, I am fortunate to be with my mom, who ensures that I never feel disconnected from the sense of family. Despite the physical distance, I make it a point to call my family whenever I have some free time,” Swarnim, has been a part of shows like “Parshuram”, “Maharaja Ranjeet Singh”, “Pandya Store”, “Channa Mereya”, and “Mariam Khan – Reporting Live”, added.

So what are your future plans? “I aspire to continue honing my acting skills and exploring diverse roles in both television and films. Ultimately, I hope to make a positive impact in the entertainment industry. I also want to become a footballer because football is my everything and it’s my passion. My dream is to become a footballer,” Swarnim concluded.


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