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Misinformation & slanderous campaign is on against CAA to create uncertainty & confusion among the minorities, please desist from doing this: Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Hyderabad, March 12th, 2024: The Chevella BJP MP candidate, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, speaking about CAA said, CAA will do enormous good to the country and for the persecuted minorities of the neighbouring countries. Amit Shah ji and Modi Ji, by bringing this Act have opened their hearts to warmly welcome the persecuted minorities in the neighbourhood to India and give them citizenship eventually. This has no bearing, nor will it impact the Indian citizens in any way. We should all welcome CAA. However misinformation campaign and slander is being run to create uncertainty and unnecessary confusion among the minorities of India. Trust me, Indian citizen will not be in anyway impacted by this. It will provide succour to persecuted minorities of neighbouring countries, be it Parsis, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, on whom atrocities are perpetuated in these countries and such people can come to India.

I would challenge Pakistan and Bangladesh to have a bill like CAA in their countries, if they believe that the minorities are being persecuted in India, they should open their borders to such minorities. Let me assure you no minority from India will ever go there. The Muslims who went to these countries and came back compared Hindustan with Jannat. Indian Muslims love to be in India and would never even in their dreams want to go to Pakistan or Bangladesh. Because they know they are being treated well here. The minorities are one among the equals and beneficiaries of various schemes of Government of India. CAA should be followed by NRC, through which there will be an ID Card for citizens, therefore look forward for NRC. It’s a win, win situation for both the majority and minority communities in India.

On this holy first day of Ramzan, Amit Shah in his speech in Hyderabad, openly said that BJP alone has the courage to understand and provide solutions to the pathetic situation under which the Muslims fraternity is reeling. He said, the evil called Triple Talaq an anarchic and an outdated practice, even avowed Muslim countries don’t practice, is being enforced here. The Bill against Triple Talaq is helping Muslim women besides affording safety and security to them in their social life. BJP has phenomenal welfare schemes  benefitting everyone regardless of caste and community. Vishwakarma yojana is meant for all those in various vocations, they are eligible for training in the vocation with stipend and a Rs 1 lakh loan, for which anyone from any caste or community is eligible. The only castes BJP believes in are the women, youth, farmers and senior citizens.


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