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Parimal Bhattacharya: For true actors, shoot time is personal time as they are doing what they love

If you love your job, your work feels like fun, says actor Parimal Bhattacharya. The actor, who plays the role of Naresh Parmar in Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions Janani- AI Ki Kahani on Dangal TV, says that for him no schedule is hectic.

“True actors are passionate about their art and shoot time is also their personal time, since they are doing what they enjoy doing. The same is true for me. No schedule is hectic for me as long as I’m acting,” he says.

He adds, “I’m fond of shoots, whether night or day. Like all successful professionals, actors also need to maintain a disciplined lifestyle and health regime. I’ve heard our PM sleeps for only 4 hours a day. Since he maintains great lifestyle, look at his energy! I also maintain a healthy lifestyle and very well cope with long shoot hours.”

He says that you need to make sure you are healthy. “A healthy lifestyle helps in managing both physical and mental health. Balanced diet, daily exercise and short but sound sleep are the key,” he adds.

The actor adds that he is always grateful for the work that he gets. “An actor is an actor, whether in a daily soap, or cinema, theatre or webseries. Getting an opportunity to work is precious, one should be thankful for the same instead of counting hardships. Imagine, the kind of hardship an actor can go through in absence of work! Any show can be good, outstanding or bad, whether it’s a soap, cinema or any other. It’s true that TV provides financial stability, for those who get substantial number of days’ work. All of us, whether an actor, director, camera person, makeup artist, set designer, or any one in the team, must remember that the more one is equipped, the more humble and approachable one will be. Only empty vessels sound much. Unfortunately, some players in our industry believe in boasting and show off, but these habits harm themselves in the long run. Be thankful to God and love His people, you’ll lead a happy and contented life,” he says.

Some actors dislike being labelled a TV actor and Parimal says that he doesn’t like being labelled as well, irrespective of the medium. “I think that’s just a perception, a good actor will act well everywhere. There are actors who are doing good work simultaneously in all media. It’s true, some industry players do tag the actors, but that’s not fair,” he says.

He adds, “Television may not provide the stardom as cinema does, but it provides opportunity to connect with your audience at emotional level. You visit their homes every evening, they look at you as if you’re part of their lives. Secondly, since the units are not very big, you develop personal rapport with all departments, which results is great teamwork. You can approach anyone and everyone including the director, DOP, Sound recordist, and clear all your queries. That helps in performing your best and that’s in the best interest of the show as well.”


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