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Vaishali Made: Sustaining love and marriage in such a climate can pose challenges

With relationships taking a backseat in the lives of many of us, singer Vaishali Made says that love can conquer all if one is patient. She adds that this is very important to be able to sustain love today.

“Living in an era where individuality shines brightly is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. I feel that personal uniqueness is a chance for individuals to embrace their passions, dreams, and identities. While it’s true that sustaining love and marriage in such a climate can pose challenges, I believe that these challenges can be overcome with love, patience, and understanding,” she says.

Professional pressure has resulted in a very fast pace of life, she says, adding, “Regarding the fast pace of life driven by professional pressure, I acknowledge the hustle and bustle but remains optimistic about finding moments of love amidst the chaos. By prioritizing what truly matters and making conscious efforts to nurture relationships, individuals can still find joy and fulfilment in their romantic connections.”

Meanwhile, technology also effects interpersonal growth, she says, adding, “When it comes to the impact of technology on relationships, I believe in the power of human connection to transcend digital distractions. While acknowledging the prevalence of smartphones even in intimate settings like the bedroom, I encourage couples to set boundaries and prioritize quality time together. Technology is a tool that should enhance rather than hinder relationships, and I remain hopeful that couples can find a balance that allows for genuine connection,” she says.

She adds, “As for the lack of “me-time” making it difficult to prioritize others, I see it as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. While acknowledging the importance of self-care, I believe that investing in oneself ultimately strengthens one’s ability to show up for others. By finding harmony between personal needs and the needs of loved ones, individuals can cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships.”


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