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Protect Yourself from Fraud and Ensure a Smooth Online Shopping Journey

Online shopping has become a common thing now. People from villages to cities are doing online shopping, but it is important to keep some important things in mind while doing online shopping, otherwise you may get cheated. You can avoid fraud in online shopping by keeping some things in mind:-

  • Selection of website: Whenever you shop online, buy from trusted online websites. Check the website name and URL carefully.
  • Secure Payment: Be sure to check encryption during payment. If the site is not secure then do not pay. Select the option of cash on delivery.
  • Review and Rating: Before purchasing any item, definitely check the review and rating. This will give you accurate information about that item.
  • Return Policy: While purchasing any item, also check the return policy, so that if there is any problem later, you can easily return the item.
  • Customer Service: If customer service information is not clearly given on any website, then do not buy from such site.
  • Save payment mode: Do not save payment after shopping on any site, because there is a risk of your credit or debit card information being leaked.

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